There are different arrangements for children starting our school for the first time and for children joining at a later date.

Nursery Admissions

We accept children's names for the nursery waiting list from their second birthday. We cannot guarantee you a place but we do try to offer all children at least three terms in the nursery before entry to our school.

We offer children a morning only nursery placement or an afternoon only placement. If you would like to put your child's name on our nursery waiting list we suggest you do this after their second birthday. Please come to the school office on Tuesdays only, between 9am and 10am.
Please bring with you;

  • Your most recent Council Tax Bill or if not available, your Tenancy Agreement or Rent Book.
  • Plus A Utility Bill, (Gas, Electric, Water, Landline phone)
  • As well as your child(rens’) Birth Certificate or Passport showing their Date of Birth and Full Name.

Starting school for the first time

In Newham, children start primary school (Reception) in the school year during which they have their fifth birthday. Entry is either in September or January depending on their birthday.

To request a place for your child at our school, you must contact one of Newham’s Service Centres. Details of where you can find your nearest one can be found at the following link.

In the term before your child's admission is due, you will hear from Newham to let you know whether a place is available or not. If you are offered a place, write or call to accept it as soon as possible. After this, the Education Department let us know you have a place and we will get in contact with you as soon as we can to arrange an admission interview.

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